Face Premium Brushes Set

Rs.5,510 Rs.11,000 (49% OFF)

If you’re diving into the world of makeup or looking for a complete set of professional makeup brushes then look no further because Beautify by Amna proudly brings you the Complexion Perfection Brush set that houses all the brushes you will need to achieve that flawless base in no time. Beautify by Amna has designed these ultra-chic and luxe collection of makeup brushes that are designed specifically to layer, blend ,contour, rosy up the cheeks, highlight and set your base with finesse.

The brush set includes 5 luxurious face brushes with the signature BBAMNA packaging, retro classy black handles and golden barrels that add a bling to your vanity. The number and name of the brushes have been mentioned on the handles but the brushes are multi purpose that can apply the liquid and powder formulas like a pro. Moreover all of these high performance brushes come in a beautiful golden pouch/capsule that makes this set a travel essential.


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