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Beautify By Amna’s Eyelash Curler creates the most voluminously curled eyelashes with absolutely no tugging, no pulling, and no broken lashes. Certified highest quality, stainless steel frame engineered perfectly for both at home and professional use.


Always be extra mindful that you release your lashes prior to pulling the curler away.

Step 1: Keep your eyes open and hold the eyelash curler so that your top lashes fit between the two edges.

STEP 2: 
Gently clamp the eyelash curler together, as close to the root of your eyelashes as you can get without it being uncomfortable. This will add length, volume and curl to your eyelashes instantly!

STEP 3: 
Hold for 5 seconds, and repeat on the other eye. You can repeat as often as needed, but this should be enough time for a lifted lash. Finish with your favorite mascara.

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