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Product Information

A set of two essential tools including a scissor and lash applicator.

-SCISSOR: Use Stainless Steel Make-up Scissor for trimming eyebrows, facial hair, and sensitive areas. These scissors are designed with a curved blade to keep pointed tips away from the skin and for easier trimming and precise cutting 

STEP 1: Pick up the false eyelash with the tip of the applicator ,and place it so that it follows the edge of the edge of the eyelid. 

STEP2: Line up the eyelash with the inner and outer corners of the eyes, and hold down each edge. 

STEP3: Turning the applicator over, and using the curve to press the natural eyelash and false eyelash together results in better blended, more natural look.

Caution: Be careful while using. Tools have sharp edges.

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